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What's FBC?

Surfer Girl's Frequent Buyer Card! We love our customers and we value you very much so we are offering you the opportunity to receive great rewards and services as a Surfer Girl "Frequent Buyer Card" member.

With your FBC membership you can double your fun whilst shopping by earning valuable points which can later be exchanged for exclusive Surfer Girl products. For your very own FBC, contact us today!

Customer Care :
Ph. 62-361-756355


  1. FBC remains Surfer Girl property.
  2. Registration for FBC can be completed at any Surfer Girl Store within Indonesia, or at our Online Store. You will receive a temporary card number after completion of the registration.
  3. The temporary FBC card and/or Permanent Card can be used to obtain points.
  4. After your points have reached 100,000, the temporary card will be replaced with a permanent Frequent Buyer Card. The points that have been accumulated up until then will be transferred to the permanent Frequent Buyer Card.
  5. The FBC can be used each time a customer makes a purchase at Surfer Girl Online or at any of our physical store locations.
  6. When making your purchase, 10% of the total value per purchase will be converted into FBC points.
  7. The acquired FBC points can be exchanged for products within our exclusive Surfer Girl brand.
  8. The points from your purchase can only be exchanged for products when you have accumulated sufficient points to complete the exchange.
  9. Points cannot be exchanged for money nor can money be exchanged for points.
  10. You will need to have a minimum of 100.000 points for the first Point Exchange.
  11. In the incident of a permanent FBC loss, please contact Surfer Girl FBC Customer Care. Lost cards will be replaced at a fee of US$20
  12. If there is has been no transaction in the last 14 months on your FBC account, any accumulated points will be deleted.
  13. If FBC account is not used for a period of four years, the Frequent Buyer Card will be made invalid and cannot be renewed or exchanged.